Robin Hood fans will love this exciting new slot machine from Playtech. With the theme of the famous Nottinghamshire ham apprentice, the game uses all the elements that stimulate adventure game fans. From Robin himself proud of his iconic green costume, to the stout Friar Tuck (Friar Tuck) and the maid Maid Marion (Maid Marion), all the famous illegal faces can be found here .

Of course, this is not just about the topic, here are some potentially profitable features, such as wilderness, scatter, expanded icons, gambling rounds, and an incredible 243 ways to win...

Visually, this slot machine stands out with its realistic graphics. In the background image there are dense forests, lakes and orange sunset sky. The reels are filled with symbols of Robin Hood's story, including the king of thieves himself, monk Tucker, maid Marion and Sheriff Nottingham. There are also high card icons to reward lower expenses.

To start an adventure, you need to choose a bet. Throughout the game, all 243 paylines are being played, so this gives you the greatest chance of winning each spin. You can still change the bet by changing the value of the coin from the lowest £0.01 to the highest £0.25.

You can also choose to add a multiplier to your bet in order to change the number of coin bets per spin, which can be a multiplier of 1 to 10 times. All of these options mean that the minimum bet you join the Robin gang each time is £2.50 per spin and the highest bet you can bet is £62.50.

There are multiple ways to make this slot easier to bet. The first is that you can choose the autoplay option, giving you the opportunity to automatically play 10 to 99 spins. Auto-rotation continues until you press "Stop", so players looking for hands-free games are lucky. Another convenient feature is the "Max Bet" button, which allows you to place a maximum bet each time you spin, without having to click a single coin and multiplier button.

Joyous rewards
Merry people may be generous on this slot machine. When it comes to payment, the symbol you should pay attention to is Robin himself. If you find 5 icons together on the reel, he will bet up to 1,500 times. Maid Marion is the second highest sign of income. Your bet amount is 1000 times your bet amount, which can make 5 lucky ladies rotate on the reel.

The other two character symbols in the game are the sheriff of Friar Tuck and Nottingham. A monk can earn you up to 750 times the 5-symbol bet, and the sheriff is not bad after all, because he has won 500 times the 5-symbol bet! The other symbols in the regular game are high cards, ranging from 100 times the bet that rotates 5 of the 9th symbols to 250 times the bet that hits 5 of the A symbols.

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