Choy Sun Doa

Choy Sun Doa

Choy Sun Doa wears Aristocrat's regular five-row and five-hurdle reel. Three symbols are displayed on each turntable, and 25 points are available on all turntables-a total of 243 lines.

Just like playing the "Five Dragons" slot machine, you can also get the "Free Spin Bonus of Player's Choice" rounds when playing the "Choy Sun Doa" slot machine. After the bonus function is triggered, the machine will give you the option to select the number of free spins and the accompanying multiplier. Based on experience, the more free spins you choose, the lower the potential multiplier.

The biggest victory comes from 1000 points and a multiplier of 30 times. If you like adventure, you can choose another 30,000 credits option, but you can only make 5 free spins. Both the highs and lows of this slot machine lie in one feature-the bonus round.

Although you can choose 15 free spin games to play "safe" games, some other large multiplier combinations can also bring you huge profits. Choy Sun Doa expects the RTP of online casinos to reach 95%.

The gold ingot symbol on the Choy Sun Doa slot is a scatter symbol, which can trigger the bonus function. Choy Sun Doa-The central character is a wild symbol, which replaces the scatter symbol to create other combinations, thus replacing other symbols. Choy only appeared on the second, third and fourth reels to double the number of wins during the reward function.

The reward function will reward you for free games, but at least three gold ingot symbols are required to be triggered. The symbols are matched from left to right and are always paid regardless of where the symbols are placed on the reel.

If you hit three gold ingots from left to right, the slot provides you with a choice of multipliers and the number of free games. When Choy appears on any of the two, three, or four reels, he will substitute other symbols to form the winning combination. This triggers the multiplier function of the game.

The game allows you to re-trigger the bonus slot of the free slot game within the bonus function. Suppose you successfully triggered another round of free spin bonus rounds while playing the bonus function; Choy Sun Doa requires you to complete the current bonus round, and then gives you another option for the number of free games and potential multipliers. After making your choice, you will play the second set of free spins triggered in the first round of bonus rounds.

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