Egypt Queen

The game's graphics and design will not completely hit anyone, and its simple, static 2D image processing will hardly cause fuss or unnecessary interference. Those who will jump out of the screen should move on. Those who are ready to let the conversation rotate remain unchanged.

Visually, Egyptian themes are ubiquitous, as you would expect in the Egyptian Queen game. The lower-value symbols are letters and numbers, which appear in the form of ancient scriptures to maintain their function. Higher-value symbols include pyramids, two different treasures, the mummy's coffin and the queen's own portrayal.

The scroll itself lies between the gorgeous pillars, nothing more. As we said, this is a category worth mentioning.

Like most slot games, there are up to 9 betting lines in the Queens of Egypt, and you can choose a variety of coin sizes. In this case, the choice is very cheap-from 20p to £1. Click-or + to increase or decrease the coin size, which in turn indicates how much you will eventually win.

Once you are satisfied with the amount you are willing to bet on, click on the colored number next to the reels to choose your bottom line-or, if you are confident of hitting the "max bet", choose to leave.

Starting from the bottom, the lowest value tablet is the characters 10 and J (100). Q, K and A are 150; the values ​​of these pictures are 200 (pyramid and treasure), 500 (mummy's coffin) and 1000 (queen symbol). From 10 to the pyramid, you need three or more identical objects to match, all other objects will only provide two payments.

Magic and mystery
It is said that the ancient Egyptians had some very unique abilities, such as the ability to survive as a fairy after the death of the earth, and the skills to communicate with aliens and even brain power. Therefore, it is not surprising that the Queen of Egypt carries her own magic symbols that can awaken the mummy from an almost eternal sleep.

The first of these is Wild, which depicts some purple jewelry. These symbols can also be used to replace any other symbols in the proverbial deck, except for the distribution that can be identified as "King Cobra" in full attack mode. Not just a random decision, we can speculate that this is because if you face one of these ferocious snakes, you will be distracted. Place two or more anywhere on the reels and you will get paid.

EGYPT_QUEEN_1.png - 2.90 MBEGYPT_QUEEN_2.png - 2.95 MBEGYPT_QUEEN_3.png - 3.00 MBEGYPT_QUEEN_4.png - 3.31 MBEGYPT_QUEEN_5.png - 2.88 MB