Have you ever wished for three wishes? Well, this is what happened in Aladdin's story. Aladdin is a slum slum, and after meeting the golden lamp, he met a friendly elf. Now, before you rub around any old decorations in the house, we should say that this story is a complete novel, and there may really be no such things as magic elves. Sorry!

However, you can still meet Crazy Genie in this Red Tiger Gaming slot machine. There are 5 reels and 20 paylines on the slot machine, which are filled with various icons in the story of Aladdin. You may remember the icons in Disney movies. We are talking about magic carpets, cobra snakes, scimitars and elves. These icons are designed with some impressive cartoon graphics to stay true to the Disney charm in the story, while ensuring that the aesthetics are kept in sync with the modern style.

GENIE_1.png - 2.66 MBGENIE_2.png - 2.76 MBGENIE_3.png - 2.65 MBGENIE_4.png - 2.54 MBGENIE_5.png - 2.85 MB